Allegiances to gods and demigods

The party pledges allegiance to an Archfey, Jakan the Prince of Frost, and then Khirad and Throanton swear their devotion to Sehanine at her temple while they search for stolen frost gems for Jakan

After the death of the white dragon Aggrenox Valkyr feels a sickness at what they have done in killing such a magnificent creature and abandons the party to make his own way in the world for a time. The rest of the party sets off on their phantom steads across the tundra back towards the Ivory City. Along the way they come across a dwarven priest of Moradin named Havok who is wandering hungover across the tundra. He had been drunk the night before and somehow stumbled into a portal and became lost in the tundra. The party brings him with them and he agrees to journey with the party and attempt to do good in the name of Moradin on their travels.

Upon arriving back at the Ivory Tower the party can still think of no offering fit to grant them an audience with Father Winter. Instead the party offers their service and allegiance to Jakan, the Prince of Frost, and the Witner Fey as a whole in return for patronage and protection. As their first task Jakan asks them to infiltrate the temple of Sehanine and retrieve some frost gems he believes they have stolen from the Ivory Tower.

In order to infiltrate the temple Khirad and Throanton swear their devotion to Sehannine in earnest and accept her as their primary deity. Given run of the temple they locate the gems and take them but are attacked by the eladrin priest Lothander and some magic floating skulls as they attempt to escape off the roof of the temple. The party bests Lothander and it is discovered that he acted alone in his thievery of the gems. The high priestess Ozara thanks them for sorting out the whole issues and freely returns the gems.

The party earns 785 xp each giving them 12340 xp total.


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