An unfriendly welcome to the Feywild

A hag disguised as an old crone attacks the party with her allies

An old crone carrying a large bundle of sticks meets the party and asks them to help her carry it to her hut in the south. Although skeptical of helping her since she was ugly and had small breasts the party finally agrees and accompanies her to the edge of the tundra and her hut. When they arrive the crone reveals herself as a howling hag of the tundra and attacks the party along with a fellow hag and a pack of dire snow wolves. Meru nearly drowns again in the icy water, but the party is ultimately victorious and heads into the hag’s hut to loot what spoils await them.

The party earns 840 xp each giving them 10355 XP total. The party ascends to level 7!


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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