Begining a Quest to End Summer

Jakan tasks the party to assist the Winter Court in bringing about an end to the long summer of the Feywild

Throanton decides to enbrace his newfound faith in Sehanine and joureny into the Feywild without the rest of the party to seek his own destiny. Lorela the naiad decides to accompany Throanton on his journey.

The rest of the party returns to Jakan with the frost diamonds. He is satisfied with their results and tasks them with a bigger and more important quest. The summer in the Feywild has lasted longer than any in memory and Jakan wants the party to help the Winter Fey to bring about the fall of the long summer. He instructs them to go north to meet with Kailen, Duke of Autumn, who is the ambassador for the Winter Fey. He also gives the party a sack full of treasure as payment for their expected future loyal service.

The party buys some supplies in the city where they run into high priestess Ozara who asks them to transport Lothander to the temple of Sehanine in Mithrendain, the Autumn City, to serve penance for stealing money from the temple and frost gems from the Archfey. The party takes a teleportation circle to Mithrendain and deliver Lothander to the temple despite his attempts to bargain with them.

They then go to the estate of Kailen just outside the city where they encounter Puck, an elven Archfey who seems to know a lot about the party. Puck says the party is more important than they realize; the Witch of Fates has spoken of their coming being significant. He also says not to trust the other Archfey because they will use them for their own purposes. He then tells the party of two places that they might achieve their goal of recharging Stormbringer, by either siphoning mana from the ancient oak tree hidden in Fathaghn the dryad queen’s briar maze in the deep woods or journeying north to the mysterious source of the magical Eunoe river. Puck also tells them they can find Kailen north of the estate on a hunt.

The party travels north until they are assaulted by swarms of bloodweb spiders and some dire stirge. They party dispatches with the bugs and continues on north until they happen upon a swarm of stirge that are being slaughtered by Kailen and his entourage of eladrin hunters.

The party earns 1125 xp each giving them 13465 xp total.


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