Chaos Merger

The party gives the Eye of Oghma to Stormbringer and the chaos blade consumes the eye merging the two into one artifact.

The party loots the tiefling seer’s quarters and finds some arcane reagents, treasure, and gear. Aramis finds a secret page in the seer’s journal and uses it to reassemble a teleportation circle in his room to make a sneaky get away across the city. They then escape to Annanadale and the bard’s college. They visit the carnival there and play a game of chance with Alansari the dragonborn who they met previously. They win the grand prize of a token of Avandra inscribed with the symbol of Tymora (good fortune) and Beshaba (misfortune) which they can use once a day to bend the luck of a battle. After some research in the bard’s library on the Eye of Oghma and Stormbringer they choose to combine the two artifacts. Stormbringer consumes and subdues the Eye of Oghma, but is drained of much of it’s power in the process. Stormbringer challenges the party to find a powerful source of mana to recharge it and then it will uphold it’s promise to make them rich and powerful. They party decides to journey to the eladrin lands to recharge the blade. On the road there they are waylaid by witherlings and a demonic hyena which they defeat.

The party earns 800 xp each for defeating the witherlings. Everyone has 8015 xp now and ascends to 6th level.


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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