Liberating the gnolls

The party agrees to help out a group of gnolls by defeating their demon oppressors

Tracing the witherlings tracks back the party happens on a party of gnoll raiders in an argument. Valkyr approaches the gnolls and is able to converses with them using the bit of Abyssal he learned while living with them. The gnolls are distressed because a rival clan lead by demon overlords has made them slaves. The party agrees to slay the demons for the oppressed gnolls. The party goes with gnolls to a dilapidated fort where they battle 4 carnage demons and a scavenger harpy in a courtyard with spike filled pits. The party is victorious and earns 750 xp each for the victory giving them 8765 xp each.


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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