Portal to the Feywild

The party contracts a blinding disease and discovers a portal to the Feywild

After defeating the demons the party finds a locked chest in the broken tower of the fort. They fumble with it a bit and release a black cloud which contains a blinding disease. They finally get the chest open, loot it, and move on their way. The blinding disease starts to take hold of them so the party stops by a town and acquires a cure disease ritual. With the party half blinded Aramis uses the ritual to cure everyone. They party does a little shopping and meet a gnome who directs them to a secret portal in a pond that leads to the Feywild. The portal is guarded by dryads but the party is able to gain access to it. Throanton sleeps with a dryad in eladrin form and then they bypass her riddle by using a hand of fate ritual and locate her hiding in flower form in a field. Begrudgingly she allows them to pass. The party swims through the portal. Meru almost drowns, but they make it to the the Feywild. The party finds themselves in a snowy evergreen forest.

They earn 750 xp each for their clever curing of disease and finding their way to the Feywild. Everyone now has 9515 xp each.


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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