Freya is a princess of the Darune royal blood line, daughter of King Reginald Darune who lived several generations before the last Darunes died out. She was apparently put under a sleep spell to give her father’s wizards time to find a cure for the magical poison that she was afflicted with. She was found by the party in the basement of Zeul’s tower and brought to the priests of Pelor who were able to heal her.

After she is healed the party takes her to the temple of Erathis for safe keeping since the cult believes the Darunes are descendants of Alia, Erathis’s daughter, and have a divine right to rule. High priestess Risha has the emperor assassinated so that Freya can become empress, but the imperial army storms the temple of Earthis and the party is forced to flee with Freya.

Freya is distressed by the situation she has been put in, but agrees to let the party help make her empress of the Nerath Empire if the people want her to lead them.


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