Dwarven cleric of Moradin played by Andrew


Havok is a dwarf from a wealthy family in the dwarven capital city of Valgan. When he was young his family was killed while on a trip that he had stayed home from because of a argument with his father. After their deaths he drowned his sorrows in drink. One night while drunk he was jumped by thugs, but saved by a priest of Moradin. The priest took him to the temple of Moradin where Havok had visions of Moradin in the night and decided to become a cleric of Moradin. With his new found faith he opened an orphanage with his inheritance and for a time he was happy again. One day while he was away at the temple the orphanage burned down and all the children who he considered his new family died. Believing he is cursed to watch everyone he loves die he journeys into the world to bring the blessing of Moradin to strangers. One night while drowning his sadness in drink he somehow stumbles into a portal to the Feywild and finds himself in a frozen tundra. He is rescued by a party of adventures and agrees to team up with them for the time being hoping to do some good while in their company.

Havok has auburn hair and a bushy beard that he wears braided. The names of the children of the orphanage who died are tattooed on his torso and his family’s names are tattooed over his heart.


Endaris older sister, assumed dead
Doral Greenhorn, caretaker/ now owner of family estate, friend
Priest friend from temple of Moradin

Oric older brother dead, mother and father dead


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