Raven Queen

The Master of Fate


The Raven Queen is the deity that rules over death and the final fates of mortals. Her true name is unknown; she is also called the spinner of fate and the patron of winter. Her realm of Letherna exists simultaneously in the Shadowfell and the Astral Sea. Her vassal, the demigod Charon, ushers the dead into the Shadowfell along the river Acheron. A tribunal of demigods, or perhaps aspects of the Queen herself, carryout the task of assessing and judging shades and sending them to their final fate. Mortals pray to the Raven Queen that she might protect the dead from the curse of undeath and guide their shade to its desired place in the cosmos.


✦ Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life.
✦ Give the dead due respect and rites. Protect the dead from necromancers and others who would defile their remains.
✦ Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Queen, you must punish hubris where you find it.
✦ Watch for the cults of Orcus and Vecna and stamp them out whenever they arise. The Demon Prince of the Undead and the Lich King seek to claim the Raven Queen’s throne.

Raven Queen

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