The Lady of Shadows


God of twilight, illusions, and dreams, Sehanine is the patron of autumn and tricksters. The moon is her holy symbol and holds special significance for her followers. She is also the god of love and sex, who sends shadows to cloak lovers’ trysts. She has close ties to Corellon and Melora and is a favorite deity among elves and halflings. Lycanthropes and shifters, as children of the moon, are among her favored humanoids. Scouts and thieves ask for her blessing in their work.


✦ Keep to the shadows, avoiding the blazing light of zealous good and the utter darkness of evil.
✦ Seek new horizons and new experiences; make your own destiny.
✦ Love is the greatest treasure of all, nurture and protect it at all costs.
✦ Just as the moon waxes and wanes all forces ebb and flow. Remember that change is inevitable and everything is not always as it appears.
✦ Look for guidance in dreams, find insight in illusions, seek healing through catharsis, and find levity in trickery.


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