The Queen of Avarice


Tiamat is the god of wealth, greed, and envy. She is extremely spiteful, never giving up a grudge until vengeance has been dealt. She is considered the mother and patron of chromatic dragons. Other mortals who lust for material possession above all else and those who are driven by unbridled desire for revenge also hold her favor.


✦ Hoard wealth, acquiring much and spending little. Wealth is its own reward.
✦ Forgive no slight and leave no wrong unpunished. Vengeance is the only true justice.
✦ Take what you desire from others. Those who lack the strength to defend their possessions are not worthy to own them. Indulge in your spoils without guilt.
✦ Revere and aid chromatic dragons wherever they are found as they are the scions of Tiamat.


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