The Eye of Oghma

The party infiltrates the city of Telmec and obtains an ancient relic.

The party journeys west from the city of Saldean to the town of Annandale home of the famous bard’s college. The town is celebrating the festival of Arvandor on the spring equinox. The party learns that the ruins of the city of Telmec just beyond the town is the home of a group of teiflings that seek the revival of the old empire of Bael Turath. Stormbringer knows the Eye of Oghma is somewhere in the ruins so the party investigate the city. The teiflings are suspicious of them but let them look around. The party infiltrates the inner sanctum of the cathedral of Asmodeus and finds a crazed tiefling seer with the orb. He claims to have seen them in visions and attacks them with his drakes and an imp. The party defeats him and retrieves the Eye of Oghma which gives Khirad uncontrolled visions of possible futures when he touches it. The most salient current future is the party’s death at the hands of a mob of tieflings that are on their way to the temple.

The party gains 570 xp each for defeating the tiefling seer and 120 xp each for finding the eye. Everyone now has 7215 xp each.

A New Direction

Freya disappears and when the party is unable to locate her again they decides to follow Stormbringer south to Telmec instead

The party brings the specter filled crystal to Cedric who sets to work on the warding amulet. The party is taken to their rooms for the night. In the morning when they get up they are informed by Duncan that there is a problem in the dungeon. The party enters the dungeon to find fleeing guards and various undead intruders including a giant zombie hulk. They defeat the zombies only to find Freya’s magic warding cell empty. The party speaks to Cedric who tells them that Khirad’s stepmother, Mildred, personally delivered the finished warding amulet to Freya. Returning from Cedric’s tower the party meets Duncan again who tells them the Duke is banishing them from the city because with Freya lost they can bring him nothing but trouble from the empire.

The party is escorted from the city by the citadel guard but shortly after sneak back in. Khirad and Throanton sneak back into the citadel and discover that Mildred left the city during the night with Freya and Khirad’s oldest half-brother, Xander, along with their retinue and a contingent of guards. Discouraged at this news and having no idea where they have gone the party abandons their search for Freya to follow Stormbringer’s path. They take a portal in the the temple of Avandra to the city of Saldean which is just east of the city of Telmec where Stormbringer wants them to go. It alludes to a powerful artifact that they can acquire there which will start them on their way to great power and riches.

The party earns 435 xp each for killing the zombies giving them 6525 xp total.

Welcome to Stone Keep

The party arrives at Stone Keep where they are temporarily imprisoned but then released to try to create a ward to protect Freya from scrying.

The party arrives at Stone Keep where they are recognized by the guard as traitors of the empire. They surrender and are taken to a dungeon cell in the Grey Citadel that negates all magic. They are soon visited in their cell by Duke Parthis Raal; Cedric, the duke’s court wizard and cheif advisor; and Duncan Mcleod, the duke’s steward and lord mayor of the city. The duke is unwilling to get involved in a rebellion against the Benthic family at this point, especially with the undead army amassing on the edges of his province, but says he will help if other dukes pledge their support to Freya. Cedric notes that their major problem right now is the empire scrying Freya. Aramis devises a plan to use the energy of a parallel plane to ward Freya from scrying. Cedric gets them the supplies and leads them to the catacombs under the citadel which are infested with undead. The party traps the essence of a specter in a crystal that will be used as the focus of an amulet to protect Freya from scrying.

Everyone earns 590 xp each equaling 6090 xp total.


The party is ambushed by assassins as they travel to Stone Keep

The party journeys north for a week unhindered but Freya is being scryed as they go. They reach a small town only a day’s journey from Stone Keep and spend the night. In the morning they are attacked by imperial guards and mysterious assassins that are resistant to most magical attacks and bear a strange symbol on their leather armor. The party defeats the assassins and purchases some horses to finish their journey to Stone Keep.

5500 xp each, ascend to 5th level

Heading North

The party escapes the city and is attacked by some scouts of the undead army in the north.

Aramis’s uncle Faelyn gives Aramis some gold and an elven cloak and takes them to his friend’s house where they borrow some hippogriffs to escape the city. They head north towards Stone Keep. While flying the chaos blade Stormbringer speaks to them and offers them great power if they kill the princess and turn away from their quest to save the empire to journey south with him to Telmec. With only a few reservations the party rejects the blade’s offer.

After traveling north for a time the party is attacked by winged zombies and when they land they are also attacked by undead hounds. They defeat the zombies and Stormbringer reveals that the zombies are a scouting party of the evil army in the north. After a short rest the party makes their way to a nearby village and rents a room at the inn for the night. After resting Freya is recovered enough to speak with the party. She is somewhat upset at the situation, but agrees to travel to Stone Keep to speak with Parthis Raal. She says that as a great-granddaughter of Alia, daughter of Erathis, she knows that she has the ability to lead the empire if only people are willing to be lead by her.

The party gains 480 xp each giving them 5165 xp total.

The Great Escape

The party decides help the cult of Erathis get Freya to safety and escape through the city sewers.

Ignoring the guard’s offer of amnesty the party agrees to help the cult of Erathis and protect Freya. Risha awakens from her trance and charged with divine power fights off the attacking guards so the party can escape. A wounded cleric leads the party into the temple cloister and gives them all the gold and supplies left in the armory. The party then escapes with Freya down a secret passage into the city sewers. In the sewers the party meets Meru Longbottom, a hobbit paladin of the Raven Queen who is on a holy crusade to destroy undead and necromancers. Meru agrees to journey with the party and they set off down the sewer tunnels and twisting underdark caves to escape the pursuing guards.

They escape the guards but run into a mage by a whirlpool who is training several shadowhunt bats. The party gets into a battle with the mage and defeat him and them emerge from the sewers at the edge of the city. Finding all the gates of the city on lockdown they return to the sewers and get lost. A crazed homeless man in the sewers guides them to the market for some supplies and then to the elven quarter of the city to Aramis’s uncle’s house. They hope they will be safe from the wrath of the empire here.

The party gains 730 xp each giving them 4685 xp total. (470 for defeating the shadow mage and his “babies” and 260 for successfully navigating the sewers)

Instigating Insurrection

The party heals Freya and brings her to the cult of Earthis. The cult attempts to assassinate the Emperor to put Freya in power:

They party regroups and transports Freya Darune from Zeul’s tower back to Darune City. There they take her to the healers at the temple of Pelor where they are able to cure her ailment. They return to Nicodemus and give him Zeul’s spell book and claim their reward. Figuring that a still living blood heir to the kingdom of Darunia and the Nerath Empire could be in danger they take her to the cult of Erathis for safe keeping.

The cult of Erathis believes that the first emperor Calaron Darune’s wife Alia was an aspect of Erathis making all of his descendants demigods with divine providence to be the rulers of the empire. High Priestess Risha decides that with a true heir to throne that she cannot allow the empire to slowly die in the hands of the Benthnic dynasty and sends divine avengers to kill the royal family so she can install Freya as the empress of Nerath. The party arrives back to the temple just in time to be caught by imperial guards storming the temple in retaliation for the attack. The party fights off the fist wave of attackers but more are on their way. The guard captain gives them a choice to turn over Risha and Freya and be rewarded by the crown or resist and be branded traitors to the empire and hunted down wherever they run.

The party earns 150 xp each for completing the quest to bring Zeul’s lost knowledge to Nicodemus and 480 xp each for fighting off the first onslaught of guards. They party now has 3955 XP each and they ascend to 4th level.

The Tower of Zeul

The party explores the tower of Zeul; they free an efreet, slay a dragon, and rescue a princess:

While the rest of the party enters the tower Aramis stays outside to play with the party’s newly acquired pseudodragon. The rest of party enters the ancient tower and discovers it was the citadel of an ancient wizard named Zeul. The tower fully furnished and even has a friendly golem butler. On the upper two floors the party finds a magical season simulation room and an observatory. They solve a puzzle there and retrieve the keys to open the basement.

In the basement they discover Zeul’s workshop and his spell book. They also release an efreet named Azriel from a binding circle after he gives them his chaos blade, Stormbringer, and promises his hospitality if the party ever journeys to the City of Brass. The imprisoned efreet was being used to power the magical prison of a black dragon which was released when Azriel was freed. The party fights and barely defeats the dragon. After killing it they also discover a beautiful girl named Freya in a glass coffin who was released from sleep when Azriel was freed. Freya claims to be the daughter of Reginald Darune making her a princess, and the only living descendant of the long dead original imperial family of the Nerath Empire. She says she was put into a magical sleep by her father’s wizard Zeul until a cure could be discovered for the magical poison that she is afflicted with. She collapses to the floor pale, weak, and shaking. Khirad carries Freya from the tower while Throanton hauls the unconscious body of Valkyr with them.

They party earns 1125 xp each for defeating the black dragon and solving the seasons puzzle. They now have 3325 xp total each and accent to level 3.

Entering the Tower

The party gains access to an enchanted tower east of Darunia in search of treasure and ancient magic:

After resting at the Retired Sword tavern the party is informed by Bernard that the imperial wizard Nicodemus has requested their presence at the castle. Bernard also introduces the party to Throanton, an elven rogue who joins the party.

At the castle Nicodemus asks the party to venture to an ancient tower of a forgotten wizard to search for lost artifacts and magic texts. The tower is surrounded by a thicket of enchanted thorns so he lends them Briarbane, a +1 scythe with extra damage against plants, that he has recently acquired.

The party uses Birarbane to cut into the thicket. They encounter and slay 3 giant spiders. They also rescue and befriend a pseudodragon. The party then proceeds to the door of the tower to discover what awaits them within.

The party earns 395 xp each giving them a total of 2200 xp each.

Lost Lore Recovered

The party explores the ancient tomb and solves a puzzle to access a secret chamber in the back of the main tomb. They find the secret room strewn with bodies; some of the bodies have magic weapons on them which the party loots. They find a +1 Staff of the War Mage, which Aramis claims; a +1 Wand of Witch Fire, which Khirad claims; a +1 Flaming Long Sword, which Valkyr claims; and a +1 thunderburst crossbow bolt, which remains unclaimed.

They also find a magic greatsword buried in the chest of one of the corpses, but when Valkyr removes it the sword disintegrates and the corpse rises up identifying itself as Mantrid the necromancer. Mantrid raises the corpses of the fallen heroes to attack the party. They party slays the zombies and Mantrid, but as his body turns to dust he hisses the words “Let the game begin”, and explodes in a wave of necrotic energy that knocks Khirad unconscious, but Aramis revives him with his healing skill.

Valkyr then locates the writing of Calaron Darune in the secret room and they sneak out of the necropolis, expertly avoiding Paige on her patrol. They return to the Temple of Erathis and return the manuscript to Risha where they are rewarded with 600 gold. They then return to the Retired Sword tavern for a good rest before their next adventure.

Everyone earns 1145 XP each. (300 xp for the crypt puzzle, 545 xp for the zombie fight and an additional 300 xp each for completing the primary quest of returning the lost manuscript to Risha.) [Total XP now 1805, level up!]


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