Sesquinumbra, The Palace of Twilight

The party is assaulted by the golem guards at Sesquinumbra while trying to summon Queen Mab

The party bests the plant creatures that attacked them in the deep swamp and finally makes their way to Sesquinumbra, the Palace of Twilight, home of Queen Mab who is the leader of the Twilight Fey. The rose hedge guardians refuse to let them pass at first but after speaking the Fenrir the shifter grounds keeper he allows them in. They meet Ged the gnome butler who takes them to see Vizer Valadur the palace chancellor. Valadur takes the party to activate a signal to gather the Twilight Court but one of the golem plants that guard the palace mysteriously smashes the signal crystal. While investigating the event the party finds the golem’s control stone is missing. While fetching the extra signal crystal all the palace’s golems become violent. The party is able to activate the signal momentarily before it is destroyed by a golem. The party fights off the advancing golems and a swarm of agitated shadow sprites that also attack them.

The party earns 2170 xp each for the two encounters.

Lost in the Swamp

The party is attacked by monsters in the swamp while delivering a message to the Twilight Court for Duke Kailen

The party reveals the treachery of Kailen’s guards to him and realizing the gravity of the situation he sends the party to set up a meeting with the Queen Mab and the rest of the Twilight Court. The party sets out into the swamps towards Sesquinumbra, the Palace of Twilight, and quickly becomes lost. Soon after they are attacked by vicious plant monsters that reside in the swamp.

The Harbingers of Eternal Winter

The party is attacked by Harbingers of Eternal Winter posing as loyal guards of Duke Kailen

The party meets Duke Kailen in the woods with his entourage and gains his trust. He informs them that he has been working on the problem of the long summer and there is a way they could help by serving as messengers to the Twilight Fey to arrange a meeting. He sends the party back to his estate with two of his guards to fetch payment and the message. The guards turn on the party and try to kill them, but the party prevails. They party is able to extract some information from their assailant including that they are part of a group called the Harbingers of Eternal Winter and that their goal is to prolong the already long summer and to then create a rebound effect that will keep the seasons stuck in perpetual winter.

The party earned 900 XP a piece giving them 14365 XP total.

Begining a Quest to End Summer

Jakan tasks the party to assist the Winter Court in bringing about an end to the long summer of the Feywild

Throanton decides to enbrace his newfound faith in Sehanine and joureny into the Feywild without the rest of the party to seek his own destiny. Lorela the naiad decides to accompany Throanton on his journey.

The rest of the party returns to Jakan with the frost diamonds. He is satisfied with their results and tasks them with a bigger and more important quest. The summer in the Feywild has lasted longer than any in memory and Jakan wants the party to help the Winter Fey to bring about the fall of the long summer. He instructs them to go north to meet with Kailen, Duke of Autumn, who is the ambassador for the Winter Fey. He also gives the party a sack full of treasure as payment for their expected future loyal service.

The party buys some supplies in the city where they run into high priestess Ozara who asks them to transport Lothander to the temple of Sehanine in Mithrendain, the Autumn City, to serve penance for stealing money from the temple and frost gems from the Archfey. The party takes a teleportation circle to Mithrendain and deliver Lothander to the temple despite his attempts to bargain with them.

They then go to the estate of Kailen just outside the city where they encounter Puck, an elven Archfey who seems to know a lot about the party. Puck says the party is more important than they realize; the Witch of Fates has spoken of their coming being significant. He also says not to trust the other Archfey because they will use them for their own purposes. He then tells the party of two places that they might achieve their goal of recharging Stormbringer, by either siphoning mana from the ancient oak tree hidden in Fathaghn the dryad queen’s briar maze in the deep woods or journeying north to the mysterious source of the magical Eunoe river. Puck also tells them they can find Kailen north of the estate on a hunt.

The party travels north until they are assaulted by swarms of bloodweb spiders and some dire stirge. They party dispatches with the bugs and continues on north until they happen upon a swarm of stirge that are being slaughtered by Kailen and his entourage of eladrin hunters.

The party earns 1125 xp each giving them 13465 xp total.

Allegiances to gods and demigods

The party pledges allegiance to an Archfey, Jakan the Prince of Frost, and then Khirad and Throanton swear their devotion to Sehanine at her temple while they search for stolen frost gems for Jakan

After the death of the white dragon Aggrenox Valkyr feels a sickness at what they have done in killing such a magnificent creature and abandons the party to make his own way in the world for a time. The rest of the party sets off on their phantom steads across the tundra back towards the Ivory City. Along the way they come across a dwarven priest of Moradin named Havok who is wandering hungover across the tundra. He had been drunk the night before and somehow stumbled into a portal and became lost in the tundra. The party brings him with them and he agrees to journey with the party and attempt to do good in the name of Moradin on their travels.

Upon arriving back at the Ivory Tower the party can still think of no offering fit to grant them an audience with Father Winter. Instead the party offers their service and allegiance to Jakan, the Prince of Frost, and the Witner Fey as a whole in return for patronage and protection. As their first task Jakan asks them to infiltrate the temple of Sehanine and retrieve some frost gems he believes they have stolen from the Ivory Tower.

In order to infiltrate the temple Khirad and Throanton swear their devotion to Sehannine in earnest and accept her as their primary deity. Given run of the temple they locate the gems and take them but are attacked by the eladrin priest Lothander and some magic floating skulls as they attempt to escape off the roof of the temple. The party bests Lothander and it is discovered that he acted alone in his thievery of the gems. The high priestess Ozara thanks them for sorting out the whole issues and freely returns the gems.

The party earns 785 xp each giving them 12340 xp total.

The Ivory City

The party journeys to the Ivory City and slays a dragon

Inside the hag’s hut the party finds some magic items and rescues a water nymph named Lorela. She says the hags have begun to become aggressive against the nymphs of the tundra. She says that Father Winter in the Ivory City will know what to do about it so party agrees to travel with her to seek an audience with the archfey themselves.

Upon reaching the Ivory City the party tries to see Father Winter but are stopped by the archfey Jakan, the Price of Frost. He says that the party would be allowed to have an audience with Lord Woden, Father of Winter, if they have brought a sufficient tribute. Since the party can think of nothing to present to Wooden they are directed by Jakan to a cave where a troublesome white dragon named Aggrenox lives. They party sets out and slays the dragon and claims his huge treasure hoard.

The party receives 1200 xp each for slaying the dragon giving everyone 11,555 xp total.

An unfriendly welcome to the Feywild

A hag disguised as an old crone attacks the party with her allies

An old crone carrying a large bundle of sticks meets the party and asks them to help her carry it to her hut in the south. Although skeptical of helping her since she was ugly and had small breasts the party finally agrees and accompanies her to the edge of the tundra and her hut. When they arrive the crone reveals herself as a howling hag of the tundra and attacks the party along with a fellow hag and a pack of dire snow wolves. Meru nearly drowns again in the icy water, but the party is ultimately victorious and heads into the hag’s hut to loot what spoils await them.

The party earns 840 xp each giving them 10355 XP total. The party ascends to level 7!

Portal to the Feywild

The party contracts a blinding disease and discovers a portal to the Feywild

After defeating the demons the party finds a locked chest in the broken tower of the fort. They fumble with it a bit and release a black cloud which contains a blinding disease. They finally get the chest open, loot it, and move on their way. The blinding disease starts to take hold of them so the party stops by a town and acquires a cure disease ritual. With the party half blinded Aramis uses the ritual to cure everyone. They party does a little shopping and meet a gnome who directs them to a secret portal in a pond that leads to the Feywild. The portal is guarded by dryads but the party is able to gain access to it. Throanton sleeps with a dryad in eladrin form and then they bypass her riddle by using a hand of fate ritual and locate her hiding in flower form in a field. Begrudgingly she allows them to pass. The party swims through the portal. Meru almost drowns, but they make it to the the Feywild. The party finds themselves in a snowy evergreen forest.

They earn 750 xp each for their clever curing of disease and finding their way to the Feywild. Everyone now has 9515 xp each.

Liberating the gnolls

The party agrees to help out a group of gnolls by defeating their demon oppressors

Tracing the witherlings tracks back the party happens on a party of gnoll raiders in an argument. Valkyr approaches the gnolls and is able to converses with them using the bit of Abyssal he learned while living with them. The gnolls are distressed because a rival clan lead by demon overlords has made them slaves. The party agrees to slay the demons for the oppressed gnolls. The party goes with gnolls to a dilapidated fort where they battle 4 carnage demons and a scavenger harpy in a courtyard with spike filled pits. The party is victorious and earns 750 xp each for the victory giving them 8765 xp each.

Chaos Merger

The party gives the Eye of Oghma to Stormbringer and the chaos blade consumes the eye merging the two into one artifact.

The party loots the tiefling seer’s quarters and finds some arcane reagents, treasure, and gear. Aramis finds a secret page in the seer’s journal and uses it to reassemble a teleportation circle in his room to make a sneaky get away across the city. They then escape to Annanadale and the bard’s college. They visit the carnival there and play a game of chance with Alansari the dragonborn who they met previously. They win the grand prize of a token of Avandra inscribed with the symbol of Tymora (good fortune) and Beshaba (misfortune) which they can use once a day to bend the luck of a battle. After some research in the bard’s library on the Eye of Oghma and Stormbringer they choose to combine the two artifacts. Stormbringer consumes and subdues the Eye of Oghma, but is drained of much of it’s power in the process. Stormbringer challenges the party to find a powerful source of mana to recharge it and then it will uphold it’s promise to make them rich and powerful. They party decides to journey to the eladrin lands to recharge the blade. On the road there they are waylaid by witherlings and a demonic hyena which they defeat.

The party earns 800 xp each for defeating the witherlings. Everyone has 8015 xp now and ascends to 6th level.


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