The deities are powerful but not omnipotent, knowledgeable but not omniscient, widely traveled but not omnipresent. However they are the most powerful known beings and are revered and worshiped by many for the boons that they sometimes grant to the faithful.

Deities are not good or evil because these are arbitrary mortal terms, however deities can be placed into general categories based on mortal conceptions of good and evil.

The deities are prevented from direct interference with Midgard by Gaia, the spirit of the earth, so they mostly work through their cults, servitors, artifacts, and exarchs.

Deity Name Areas of Influence Patron of

Good Deities

Avandra Freedom, change, luck, trade, travel Halflings, merchants, adventurers
Bahamut Justice, truth, honor, nobility, protection Dragonborn, metallic dragons
Moradin Creation, artisanship, family, tradition Dwarves, artisans, smiths
Pelor Light, healing, peace, protection, bounty Humans, healers

Neutral Deities

Corellon Arcane magic, beauty, the arts, revelry Eladrin, elves, satyr, artists, mages, bards
Erathis Civilization, invention, laws, agriculture Humans, rulers, judges, city builders
Ioun Knowledge, prophecy, skill, science Eladrin, scholars, wizards, tacticians, alchemists
Kord Strength, storms, battle, valor Goliaths, fighters, athletes, warlords
Melora Wilderness, sea, animals, the hunt Elves, eladrin, ranger, hunters, sailors, druids
Raven Queen Death, fate Shadar-Kai, undertakers, morticians
Sehanine Trickery, illusion, love, sex, dreams, twilight Elves, halflings, scouts, thieves, rogues

Evil Deities

Asmodeus Power, domination, tyranny, contract Devils, rakshasa, evil tieflings
Bane War, conquest, military strategy Golbins, evil fighters, paladins, and warlords
Gruumsh Destruction, turmoil, violence, fervor Orcs, marauders, anarchists
Lolth Lies, shadows, treachery, deception, spiders Drow, conspirators, spies
Tiamat Wealth, greed, envy, vengeance Chromatic dragons, usurers, bankers
Torog Imprisonment, torture, cannibalism, the Underdark Jailers, torturers, Underdark denizens
Vecna Undeath, secrets, necromancy, famine Necromancers, illithids, spies
Zehir Darkness, assassination, poison, serpents Yuan-ti, assassins, rouges


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