Sesquinumbra, The Palace of Twilight

The party is assaulted by the golem guards at Sesquinumbra while trying to summon Queen Mab

The party bests the plant creatures that attacked them in the deep swamp and finally makes their way to Sesquinumbra, the Palace of Twilight, home of Queen Mab who is the leader of the Twilight Fey. The rose hedge guardians refuse to let them pass at first but after speaking the Fenrir the shifter grounds keeper he allows them in. They meet Ged the gnome butler who takes them to see Vizer Valadur the palace chancellor. Valadur takes the party to activate a signal to gather the Twilight Court but one of the golem plants that guard the palace mysteriously smashes the signal crystal. While investigating the event the party finds the golem’s control stone is missing. While fetching the extra signal crystal all the palace’s golems become violent. The party is able to activate the signal momentarily before it is destroyed by a golem. The party fights off the advancing golems and a swarm of agitated shadow sprites that also attack them.

The party earns 2170 xp each for the two encounters.


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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