Lost Lore Recovered

The party explores the ancient tomb and solves a puzzle to access a secret chamber in the back of the main tomb. They find the secret room strewn with bodies; some of the bodies have magic weapons on them which the party loots. They find a +1 Staff of the War Mage, which Aramis claims; a +1 Wand of Witch Fire, which Khirad claims; a +1 Flaming Long Sword, which Valkyr claims; and a +1 thunderburst crossbow bolt, which remains unclaimed.

They also find a magic greatsword buried in the chest of one of the corpses, but when Valkyr removes it the sword disintegrates and the corpse rises up identifying itself as Mantrid the necromancer. Mantrid raises the corpses of the fallen heroes to attack the party. They party slays the zombies and Mantrid, but as his body turns to dust he hisses the words “Let the game begin”, and explodes in a wave of necrotic energy that knocks Khirad unconscious, but Aramis revives him with his healing skill.

Valkyr then locates the writing of Calaron Darune in the secret room and they sneak out of the necropolis, expertly avoiding Paige on her patrol. They return to the Temple of Erathis and return the manuscript to Risha where they are rewarded with 600 gold. They then return to the Retired Sword tavern for a good rest before their next adventure.

Everyone earns 1145 XP each. (300 xp for the crypt puzzle, 545 xp for the zombie fight and an additional 300 xp each for completing the primary quest of returning the lost manuscript to Risha.) [Total XP now 1805, level up!]


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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