The Ivory City

The party journeys to the Ivory City and slays a dragon

Inside the hag’s hut the party finds some magic items and rescues a water nymph named Lorela. She says the hags have begun to become aggressive against the nymphs of the tundra. She says that Father Winter in the Ivory City will know what to do about it so party agrees to travel with her to seek an audience with the archfey themselves.

Upon reaching the Ivory City the party tries to see Father Winter but are stopped by the archfey Jakan, the Price of Frost. He says that the party would be allowed to have an audience with Lord Woden, Father of Winter, if they have brought a sufficient tribute. Since the party can think of nothing to present to Wooden they are directed by Jakan to a cave where a troublesome white dragon named Aggrenox lives. They party sets out and slays the dragon and claims his huge treasure hoard.

The party receives 1200 xp each for slaying the dragon giving everyone 11,555 xp total.


JonPetterle JonPetterle

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