Nerath Empire

The humans united most races of the continent of Arenfel under the unifying banner of the Nerath Empire. The empire is currently in decline, the nations are still cordial towards one another, but the other races govern themselves without much regard for the Emperor. With the waning of the Empire the nations of orcs, goblins, mind flayers, drow, and others expand their territory and power leaving only the largest cities remotely safe. Efforts to stem the rise of these enemy’s power consumes most of effort of the weakened nations of the Empire. At the same time some nobles and warlords within the kingdoms make bids to carve out their own city-states from the unprotected peripheral territories. Little hope remains for a return to the golden age of the Empire and most consider it only a question of how long until the world plunges into darkness and chaos.

Member Nations of the Empire:

Organization of Imperial Power:

The Emperor Rules the entire Nerath Empire and all member nations
Kings Rule their whole nation and swear fealty to the Emperor
Dukes Rule one of the large provinces that each kingdom is broken into, and serve their king
Counts Rule a city and the surrounding county and answer to the duke of the province their county is in
Barons Rule a town and answers to their count
Reeves Administer small villages for their count

Nerath Empire

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